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Too bad the collab died out. I would like to have seen the rest of them together with this. Nice work though.

devilsgarage responds:

I agree, @digsBot 's animation still looked pretty sweet. I wonder if he got to complete his

Great style

I really like the look and pace of this series. It feels original to me, which is refreshing. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Great Style!

I love the background and the sketchy style. The nursery-like music gave it a bit of a creepy feel... It's always great to see a NG preloader/logo/etc. reworked to fit with the theme of the rest of the movie. All in all, this short has a really clean, consistent and polished feel. Well done!

devilsgarage responds:

Thanks dude :D much appreciate your thoughts and comments. Always a pleasure

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Good fun!

Love the art, polished as always, Ajay. Having to avoid your own weapons made for an interesting and unexpected challenge. And the reflex hammers as tomahawks... brilliant :)

I realize this is an LD48 game, so I understand these things were probably due to time constants. However, a few observations. It would be great if the flying docs had some sort of battle cry as a warning. They often come from off screen and are a bitch to avoid. Would love to see the camera lead the hero more. The camera is especially tricky running left as it seems to be setup for more of a Mario style game where you'd run right most of the time and thus favor enemies coming from the left. Might be nice to for enemy spawns to make a small noise to announce themselves as well, could be funny or just a grumble. Just something to let you know there's a new enemy to smash. I found myself flinging apples off screen in hopes I'd hit someone.

Overall, I enjoy it quite a bit. For 48 hours you packed quite a bit of interesting stuff in here. Nice work.

Fantastic game. The element of time added an interesting level of strategy to this genre. I also appreciated that not all objects had one use. Very clever.

Fun game. I love challenging games, you know, games that are NES hard. But after dying about 100 times on level 4 I wanted to donkey punch my computer.

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I really enjoyed this track. Very upbeat. The intro feels a little "naked" but that might be intentional. Great work!

Civicus responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I wanted to make the beginning simple, so show that you can make a great song with such a simple beat or tone.

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Dude, your 3D skills are coming along nicely. I LOVE this one!

devilsgarage responds:

Ma' buddy, Thanks!


devilsgarage responds:


I love this... can we get a closer look? I want to see the details :)

devilsgarage responds:

hehe thanks @Seanjames - It's low poly - so everything looks like cylinders - but here's something that's help visualize this from all angles http://blogimg.ngfiles.com/921000/921333/742672188_wireframe.gif

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